How to set up a virtual Master Card account to make purchases from Tracfone & other online merchants.

The majority of this information is for placing Tracfone orders but you can also use this system to place orders with any online merchant without giving out your personal credit card information.   Pay for anything at any merchant using your PayPal account or pay using your checking account through PayPal.

Why would you want to use this method instead of using a regular credit/debit card to place the orders?

Tracfone orders:

Don't be disappointed if your orders don't go through when you try to order from Tracfone. This has become very common with both first time purchasers and veteran Tracfone buyers.

This is the same message everyone gets when their order does not complete. It does not mean the only problem, was a problem with your credit card. You can check and re-enter the information if you like, the order will likely not go through the second try either. Some purchasers experience receiving this message repeatedly no matter what type of payment they use.

This error message started showing up rather frequently about the middle of February. Prior to that I had no problems placing orders. Others have also confirmed that they started getting the error message about the same time. Some have even called to place orders on the phone and the customer service rep processing the order gets the same message. It is something we have learned to deal with. Some have much better luck than others and have no problems.

But each time you attempt to place an order, more or your available credit on your credit card is placed as a pre-authorization and is frozen for 5 days. If you use a regular credit card account and try to place an order for $50.00, and the order does not complete, your available credit on that card is still reduced by $50.00. If you try repeatedly to place that order, your available credit will be reduced each time that the order is attempted. These pre-authorizations will remain on the account for 5 days from the date it was placed.

This does not seem right, but it is the way it is with Tracfone. Most merchants will do a pre-authorization for $1 to verify the account and personal information. They will then come back and do an actual transaction when your order ships. The $1 pre-authorization will remain for up to 5 days and then drop off. Tracfone does a pre-authorization for the full amount and then comes back and finalizes that transaction on the day the package is delivered. Make sure you have enough open credit on your account to allow for these so called "declined" transactions

These instructions will show you how to set up a virtual debit card account to place orders with.

Please read completely through this information. Certain concerns you may have may be addressed later in this document. Details on using these virtual debit cards to make purchases at any online merchant is also included.

What you will need.

How to get these items.

Now you have to verify and confirm the PayPal account in order to qualify to use the virtual debit cards

Verify the PayPal account

Add your credit/debit card to the PayPal account.

Confirm the PayPal account

Add the checking account to the PayPal account. You will need the bank name, account # and the routing #. PayPal will send an email to the email address you signed up with. This email will be used to confirm the bank account later.

The last step is to set up your PayPal Virtual Master Card. This is the card you will use to place orders. 

Download the "PayPal Plug In" from the left sidebar in your PayPal account. Follow the instructions to set it up, and create a virtual Master Card. The name and address used for your PayPal account is the name and address that will be used for the virtual Master Card account. You can create a one time use card, or a multiple use card.

Now you are ready to place an order with Tracfone 

You never have to put any money in the PayPal account.

This is the best feature of all when ordering from Tracfone.

Law is that the merchant can not complete the transaction on your credit card until your merchandise has shipped. This is why you sometimes get multiple charges for amounts less than the total order if the merchant ships your items at different times or ships them separately. PayPal will not debit your checking account until the transaction is final. This means that if you place an order, the pre-authorization shows in your PayPal account but does not actually process until the merchant places the final transaction. With Tracfone, this is the day the package is delivered.

 If you have funds in your PayPal account when any pre-authorization comes in, then funds equal to the transaction amount (or all of the funds if the balance is less than the authorization amount) will be frozen until the transaction completes or drops off after 5 days.

Now, enjoy the hassle free way of ordering from Tracfone and other online merchants.

By using the virtual cards offered by PayPal you can in essence pay any merchant using funds in your PayPal account or your personal checking account without giving out any personal information on the web.

How to get a temporary virtual MasterCard so you can get your PayPal account verified

If you do not have a credit or debit card in your name to verify your PayPal account you can obtain a virtual debit card legally.

Now you have a legal virtual debit card with your name and address that you can use to verify your PayPal account or to place orders with any online merchants. 

Now, at this point you are probably wondering how to get the money out of the virtual credit account you created using PaidByCash.
You will want to do this in order to keep from paying maintenance fees on the account.
Well the easiest way would be to send it to me using PayPal, lol.

OK, seriously, after the 5th day the pre-authorization from PayPal will drop off and the full amount you opened the account with will be available using the virtual account information provided to you by PaidByCash.

  • Since you have the virtual card listed with your PayPal account you can use it for payment at any merchant that accepts PayPal or Google Checkout.
    • Google Checkout accepts PayPal as a payment option. 
  • By paying with PayPal, you can elect to pay using the virtual card first, and then any remaining balance will be debited from the bank account. That way you can use the money initially deposited into the virtual account.
    • Note: When using PayPal as the payment method with a merchant, or on Ebay, you can not use a credit card for payment if you have funds in your PayPal account. The funds in your account have to be used first.
  • You can use it like any other credit card for payment anywhere online. Keep in mind when you first fund the card that you will want to get 100% of the money off of it, so maybe calculate an amount that equals the payment for something you will purchase. Remember to calculate shipping and tax if necessary. 
  • If you have multiple PayPal accounts and one is a Premier or Business account you can send yourself a payment equal to the balance on the virtual account.  
  • If you have a small amount left and need help getting it off of the account contact me and I will tell you how to do it.

 I have tried to do my best to explain this process without getting to complex and having to explore every possible scenario. I have used this system and verified every aspect of it. I will be more than happy to answer any questions, and welcome any feedback on what I have attempted to convey in this message.  You can contact me here. Send me an email