To get a new sim card for a used phone.
Go to the Tracfone Tech Support page.
1- Enter the serial number for the phone in the top box and submit.
2- Select the second option.
3- Tic the 4th button, sim reject, and continue.
4- Enter your sim card number and continue.
    Use this number 89014103060460952562 if you need one.
5- Enter a zip code for a market area you desire a sim for **.
6- Fill out the form and complete the request.
A case number will be assigned and a new sim card will be sent.
In order to help assure you get the right type of sim card you need or want
use a zip code for a specific market area for that type of sim.
Zip Codes
GSM4 = AT&T  This is for a C4 sim card.
some AT&T only zip codes are: 00902, 65046, 65287, 76825

COGSM4 = AT&T This is for a C4 sim card.
some COGSM4 zip codes are: 04654, 12720, 15904, 15931, 27530, 47978

GSM5 = TMobile  This is for a T-Mobile sim card.
some TMobile only zip codes are: 54701, 76801