Tracfone Market Areas.

Tracfone often offers particular phones or bundles to only certain market areas. It is very common to see a bundle offered in one zip code and not in another. This does not mean you cannot obtain this offer outside that market area. (See detailed info below)
If you enter a zip code and want to know what market area you are in, look at the url in the address bar.
You can see the "Market= " as part of the address.

Tracfone's phones work on two different technologies. CDMA & GSM. CDMA phones do not have sim cards. GSM phones use sim cards. If you are familiar with cell phones, you know it is not that simple. If you are not familiar, that is all you need to know at this point. Tracfone's CDMA service providers are Verizon, Alltel & USCellular. Their GSM providers are AT&T & T-Mobile.

CDMA phones are much more flexible than GSM because all you have to do is enter several strings of codes into a CDMA phone to reprogram it for use with another Tracfone CDMA carrier or to change the phone number.

GSM phones need the appropriate sim card for the GSM provider in the area where the phone will be used. Sim cards can be identified by a carrier designation code on the sim card itself. TFSIMC4 or TF64SIMC4 designate AT&T, TFSIMT5 designates T-Mobile. If you want to change the phone number of a GSM phone you will need a new sim card in order to do so.

TRACFONE® provides nationwide prepaid wireless service. They use the nation's leading cellular providers to create a national footprint covering 99% of the U.S. population. This gives you service everywhere cellular service is available. You can use your TRACFONE across the U.S. and if you move, you can relocate your wireless number with just a phone call.

Most of the major cellular providers, AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile, have a different service area for their prepaid customers versus their contract customers. Their prepaid service areas can be much smaller and can also have other limits. This is not the case with Tracfone. You get the same service areas and service levels with these carriers that their contract customers get, not the limits of their prepaid service. This means you get better service from the same carrier than their own prepaid customers.

Tracfone may not offer CDMA phones in your area, but that does not mean you cannot use a CDMA phone there. They always get a better rate from GSM providers and therefore would prefer that you use a GSM phone in any area that has full GSM coverage available, even if a CDMA provider is available there also. There are times when there may not be phone numbers available from the GSM carrier because of so many users in the area. I have not had that problem with CDMA.

Be sure to confirm that the phone will work in your zip code prior to purchase.

    GSM4 Market - AT&T

    GSM5 Market - T-Mobile

    GSM5AT Market - T-Mobile & AT&T

    CO Market - CDMA Only

    COGSM4 Market - CDMA & AT&T

    COGSM5 Market - CDMA & T-Mobile

    If you do not see a particular phone on one of these market pages then it is not currently available.
    There are ways to obtain an item that is no longer offered on the market pages, ask on the forums.

    To get a Tracfone offer that is not listed as available in your area.

    Be sure to confirm that the phone will work in your zip code prior to purchase.

    Here is a list of phones currently offered by Tracfone..
    The links will take you to the detail page for each phone. You can view the user manuals from the detail page.

    GSM Phones currently offered by Tracfone. Web enabled phones will not access the web outside Tracfone's web site.

    CDMA Phones currently offered by Tracfone.

    Zip Codes

    CO = CDMA
    some CDMA only zip codes are: 05350, 05408, 23192, 49739, 54969, 57401, 73946, 73949 82210, 82801, 95429, 96130

    GSM4 = AT&T
    some AT&T only zip codes are: 00902, 65046, 65287, 76825

    GSM5 = TMobile
    some TMobile only zip codes are: 54701, 76801

    GSM5AT = TMobile with AT&T
    some GSM5AT zip codes are: 02115, 04901, 07803, 10550, 14618, 15301, 21788, 60609, 93274, 95608,

    COGSM4 = CDMA & AT&T
    some COGSM4 zip codes are: 04654, 12720, 15904, 15931, 27530, 47978

    COGSM5 = CDMA & TMobile
    some COGSM5 zip codes are: