This is a screen shot tutorial for transferring service from an
Active GSM Tracfone to a New GSM Tracfone
using the activation process on the Tracfone web site

If you want to transfer to a used, inactive GSM Tracfone use This Tutorial

You must transfer the phone number when transferring  from GSM to GSM on the web site.
If you only want to transfer the minutes and days from an active GSM phone, you will have to call Customer Service.

The New phone has to have a brand new sim card, preferably for the same carrier as the old phone.
See the Tracfone sim card information page here 
Tracfone & Net10 Sim Card Information

You are not required to have an account to transfer from an active phone to a new phone, but you do have to be an "existing customer". Only existing customers have currently active phones.
If you have an account, you do not have to log in or add the new phone to your account if you do not want to.
If you do not have an account you can create one during the transfer process if you like but it is not required.

This tutorial is only basic. I do not go in depth with each page. If you have problems you can contact me at the link at the end of the tutorial.

As with all my tutorials, please read through the full tutorial prior to starting the process so you will be familiar with the steps and understand what your end result will be. Nothing is permanent if you mess up or get some type of error. You can always call Tracfone and tell them you were in the process of an online transfer or activation and the process did not complete. They will get the phone information from you and complete the transaction. Don't hesitate to contact me with any problems, I can and will always help.

If you want to take advantage of the possibility of receiving up to 300 bonus minutes with the activation or reactivation of a phone contact me prior to activating your phone.

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Start from the Tracfone Home Page

If for some reason you cannot access the parameters in your phone you can contact me and I will find you some
"workable" parameters that you can use.

If you are transferring 900 minutes or more from one phone to another you will have to enter some strings of codes into the new phone at this time. A page will open telling you how to access the code entry mode on the phone and instructions on entering the strings of codes. After you are finished entering the given codes your phone will be active and you can proceed to the next page in this tutorial.


This completes the transfer process. You will be returned to the Tracfone Home Page.

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If you need help with any transfers or other Tracfone information you can contact me through the email link above.