Can I put a Tracfone/Net10 sim card in a phone from another carrier and use it with Tracfone/Net10?

Can I put another carrier's sim card in a Tracfone/Net10 phone and use it?

Can I unlock my Tracfone/Net10 handset so that I can use it with another carrier?

  • NO. A Tracfone/Net10 handset will not work unless there are minutes in the phone. You would have to replace the phone's firmware.
Can I put my sim card from my previous carrier in my Tracfone/Net10 phone and transfer my contacts/phone book?
  • NO. Tracfone handsets will not recognize a sim card that does not belong in the phone. This also applies to their own sim cards.
Can I use a Tracfone or Net10 phone for either service since they are owned and operated by the same company?
  • NO. The phones are different and have proprietary firmware, they are not compatible between the companies.
Can I transfer my minutes from my Net10 phone to a Tracfone or vise versa?

  • NO. Although they both belong to the same parent company and use the same customer service, they operate independently.

Can I just put my old Tracfone/Net10 sim card in a new Tracfone/Net10 phone and continue using my service?

  • NO. Once used, the sim cards are locked to the phone and cannot be used in any handset other than the original one.
    • Used means any sim card that has been inserted into a Tracfone or Net10 handset and the power turned on.

Tracfone and Net10 use the same sim cards, but once a new sim card is inserted into a phone and the power is turned on (even if the phone is already active with it's own sim), the new sim card is then locked to that phone.

All answers apply to both Tracfone & Net10. They also apply to Safelink Wireless which is a service provided by Tracfone.